EU GRANT: Real-time marketing analytics study

As of 30th August 2017, Retixa S.A. has concluded an "EU grant Consignment Agreement" with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
Based on the Agreement, Retixa S.A. will conduct the Real-Time Marketing Analytics Study aimed at verifying current development of Retixa's Real-Time Marketing solution and its market potential in order to update the marketing strategy of the solution and build its commercialisation plan.


EU GRANT: Real-time marketing analytics study results

Retixa S.A. conducted a thorough research and prepared a business model for "Innovative system of analytics for user behaviour in real time which supports the marketing ecosystem in mobile networks" with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and it carried out a feasibility study for this project.

The project was co-financed from European Funds under the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, sub-measure 2.4.1. INNO_LAB New Instruments Analysis and Pilot Projects Centre, Piloting Grants for "Seal of Excellence".

As part of the project, Retixa S.A. has performed, among others, the assessment of technical and business System feasibility (it included assessing the profitability of business models to determine the technology development path) and development of a marketing plan (including preparation of a market-entry strategy, while considering the potential of a commercial solution).

The project included four stages. During the first stage, Retixa S.A. conducted a broad market assessment in a market & commercial field. There was a market study executed within Europe and MEA, the ‘Voice of the Customer’ interviews were conducted and the product together with its use cases was proposed. In a technical field, an overview of current solution was made. In the course of the second stage the strategy has been chosen and defined and the roadmap for commercialization as well as assessment of technical viability and refinements required was made. In the third stage, the implementation was prepared, including marketing plan, organisational plan, roadmap, assessing commercial potential and establishing technology roadmap to reach TRL9 in Phase 2. During the last stage, detailed Feasibility Study was created and updated to form the Final Report.

As a result, Retixa S.A. has developed a strategy and marketing plan covering the expansion markets and a roadmap of the transformation of the business model to selected and the most profitable one.