Declining revenues and difficult market

Telecom services have become a commodity, with bigger and bigger share of wallet gained by OTT providers and telecoms

Price war between telecom operators have also caused prices – and revenues – to decline on most markets

Operators look for new sources of revenue in the lifestyle services (coopetition with OTTs) or partnering with 3rd parties (retailers, banks etc.), but their corporate culture, business processes, IT environment makes it extremely difficult to create working partnerships or meaningful innovation.

poor customer insight

Advanced Analytics has provided telecom operators with much improved insight on their customers

The customers have changed and now they expect to be always connected and that the service they use is context-dependent

Monthly updates of segmentation and churn scores may not provide telecoms with reflect current state, needs and issues of the customers

Quickly changing customer context should be reflected in decision making processes of marketing, Customer Experience Management, customer care and channel interactions.

lack of operational agility

It takes a lot of time and effort to introduce new marketing campaigns, design and introduce temporary products (like location-based short-terms tariffs for duration of a public event)

Business users require IT support for such tasks, especially in cases which involve any real-time or near real-time data processing.