Retixa appliance is the shortcut from network to business.

It is a a product that is pre-integrated with network elements and BSS systems of major vendors and comes with pre-defined business scenarios out of the box.

Retixa appliance integrates with all relevant data sources (network data, BSS subscribers data, social networks data) to gather and process all information about subscribers’ engagement in one place. It does not perform any transactional activities—it does not replace any existing CRM, billing or service management systems. Based on information from those sources, a Dynamic User Profile is created and constantly updated. Then Retixa automatically generates and delivers recommendation notifications to subscribers. Notifications are interactive, which allows the user to accept/reject or request more information. It is easy to define and manage recommendation rules through an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). The system tracks results of recommendations and automatically adapts, using machine-learning algorithms in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of recommendations and ensure that all communication is context-relevant and unobtrusive (as compared to current communication methods which often cause irritation of subscribers flooded by irrelevant, generic marketing messages).

Retixa also provides an out-of-the-box interface to 3rd parties.

Our clients will be able to provide their partners (retailers, Internet service providers, banks etc.) with services based on their subscribers’ contexts without disclosing any data of individual subscribers.

An example service may be providing buying recommendations to a customer of a specific retailer based on their location, predicted future location, usual time for grocery shopping, recent browsing history etc.

Retixa solves two main challenges telecoms have today with such services:

  • ability to build, maintain and utilise customer profiles without disclosing any private information
  • technical capabilities for effective partnerships with 3rd parties

Other applications of Retixa appliance are: measuring and improving contextual Quality of Service, contextual mobile care and self-care.

From the perspective of end-users (subscribers), Retixa appliance helps avoid uninteresting, poorly targeted marketing communication and replace it with highly relevant, contextual recommendations; it will also provide recommendations that allow for optimising service costs and enable intuitive and convenient self-care.